・Click on the following link https://tradebtc.space/users/high-low
・Press the 'Deposit' button to deposit cryptocurrency to the High&Low wallet. BTC, NOAH, MIPS can be used in Trade BTC. You can select the cryptocurrency with the select box.
・Press the 'Check' button to make sure the wallet has received the cryptocurrency.
・If you want to mute the effect sound of the game, please turn off the sound from the Setting button.
・Enter the amount you would like to bet.
・If you guess the number below 49, press the 'LOW' button. If you guess the number above 51, press the 'HIGH' button.
・If you win, you will get a double of the fund you bet. If you lose, you will lose the fund you bet.
・If you want to double your own bet, please press 'x2' button. If you want to halve your bet, please press '/2' button.
・If you want to play the games automatically, select the 'AUTO' button and then select 'HIGH' or 'LOW' button. The maximum bet can be set in the 'ROLLS' box. If you want to increase the bet when you lose the game, you can set it in ‘LOSS MULTIPLIER’ box. If you want to increase bet when you win the game, you can set it in ‘WIN MULTIPLIER’ box. After setting all the settings, please press the 'ROLL' button to start the game
・If you want to see all game results, please press 'All Game'. If you want to see game results only for you, please press 'My Game'.
・If you want to withdraw funds, please press 'Withdraw' button and follow the Instruction.